Revolutionizing Mobile Commerce

Revolutionizing Mobile Commerce

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EZeeBUY Products & Services: EZeeDiNA

EZeeDiNA™ is our Digital Neural Architecture platform (pronounced DNA) that forms our core artificial intelligence service, enabling all of our EZeeBUY services with artificial intelligence. Our EZeeBUY app can recognize any product within milliseconds from just a picture using EZeeDiNA™ artificial intelligence.

EZeeDiNA™ service facilitates seamless mobile shopping with our EZeeBUY app through cutting-edge image recognition technology that spells the end of frustrating web searches for the right product at the best price, followed by a painstaking checkout process that often results in out-of-stock or restricted delivery messages that increases shopping cart abandonments.

EZeeDiNA™ artificial intelligence with our EZeePHOTOlibrary integration service, EZeeBUY™ is building tens of millions of anonymized behavioral clusters from our EZeeBUY™ customers that includes favorite products and brands for precision brand marketing inside their EZeeBRAND screen. EZeeDiNA™ artificial intelligence makes all of this possible.

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Mobile commerce is expected to generate $3 trillion by 2021. But to accelerate growth, the sector needs to eliminate developmental obstacles, reduce shopping cart abandonment rates, and improve the overall customer experience. The average online merchant loses more than 75% of potential sales to shopping cart abandonment, and in some sectors, the rate is as high as 84%. EZeeBUY™ with EZeeDiNA™ artificial intelligence solves all of these problems by presenting the exact desired product, the first time, using just a photo and eliminate shopping cart abandonment.

Since e-merchants only want to sell what they have in stock, they often use incentives to push similar products. This common ploy leads to disappointing shopping experiences. Our
EZeeDiNA™ artificial intelligence ensures that only the exact desired product is offered to our customers at the best price.

EZeeDiNA™ artificial intelligence also powers our EZeeDATA analytics and insights subscription service that provides valuable information for high-demand products, real-time product trends, popular brands, capture pricing statistics and inventory trends for brand manufacturers, retailers, advertising agencies and data analyst.

The Internet forever changed the way consumers shop. Smartphone devices and applications transformed the shopping landscape even further. The next step in this digital revolution lies with a simple photo combined with artificial intelligence.

This is
EZeeBUY™, the Amazon for Millennials.

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