Revolutionizing Mobile Commerce

Revolutionizing Mobile Commerce

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EZeeBUY Products & Services: EZeeFAMILY

EZeeFAMILY™ is the world's first family buying platform using our EZeeASK™ and EZeeWISH features inside the EZeeBUY app.

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EZeeASK™: Young family members can buy any desired product from a store window, advertising banner, magazine ad, in-store display, social media or website using their EZeeBUY app for a one-touch EZeeASK™ parental approval experience

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Find a desired product from social media and send that image to your EZeeBUY app for a one-touch EZeeASK™ parental approval for young family members

When a child wants to buy a desired product, they simply take a picture of the product with their EZeeBUY app and be offered an EZeeASK™ button for parental approval. The child’s parents are notified on their EZeeBUY app that their child has made a new purchase request along with a preview of the last few approved purchases to better manage their spending.

The approving parent will have 2 options from their
EZeeBUY app:

  • Approve: simply touch the Approve button to complete the requested purchase.

  • Cancel: simply touch the Cancel button and the desired product is placed into the child’s family-shared wish list and notify the child of this action along with a preview of the last few approved purchases.

Children often forget how frequently they ask their parents to buy them things. With their
EZeeBUY app and our EZeeASK™ feature, we will track all parental approvals and provide the approving parent with a preview of the last few approved purchases to help them manage their child's spending habits. Parents will find their EZeeBUY app with EZeeASK™ parental approvals an important tool to help them manage their household spending with pre-defined budgets.

A child shopping for their birthday gifts or special event with their EZeeBUY app, will have the ability to place all desired products into their family-shared wish list; enabling any family member to make purchases from the family-shared wish list with their EZeeBUY app and eliminate any concerns that a wrong or unwanted gift was purchased.

As children grow, their interests change. Grandparents and other family members often struggle to decide what to buy children for their birthday or special event. With the EZeeWISHfeature, your wish list is shared with all family members; including grandparents, aunts, uncles and spouses. As interest change within family members, the family-shared wish list is an indispensable feature for the entire family to buy desired products for that family member for those special occasions.

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EZeeWISH: The world's first family-shared wish list to place desired products for birthday gifts or special events. Accessible by all family members using their EZeeBUY app, the family-shared wish list removes the stress of buying gifts for those special occasions

Our EZeeASK™ and EZeeWISH features provides substantial benefits for our global retail partners, as part of the in-store shopping experience. For example, a child visiting their favorite toy store can take pictures of desired products with their EZeeBUY app and send them directly to their family-shared wish list for suggested birthday gifts, or simply touch their EZeeASK™ button for parental approval while their parent is relaxing at a nearby coffee shop or shopping somewhere else inside the store. EZeeBUY™ provides a more relaxed and enjoyable family experience and will encourage families to visit their favorite store more often for this EZeeBUY™ experience.

This is
EZeeBUY™, the Amazon for Millennials.

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