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EZeeBUY Experiences™ EZ8 Token Supply and Demand Strategy
EZeeBUY introduces the EZ8 tokens through an initial exchange offering to buy desired products with the EZeeBUY app and the EZeePAY wallet.

EZeeBUY has partnered with a major cryptocurrency exchange to help launch the EZ8 token to millions of EZeeBUY customers by the fall of 2019.

The EZ8 tokens will have a supply and demand strategy to ensure token velocity and market acceptance while minimizing volatility.

For example, retail and brand partners will buy advertising on our global precision brand advertising platform with their local currency to advertise their products inside the EZeeBUY app. But to offer cash back incentives for their products, they will need a bidding subscription that requires EZ8 tokens to facilitate these incentives. Our EZeeBUY customers who receive cash back incentives with EZ8 tokens will be able to spend their EZ8 tokens on future purchases or take the discount immediately.

For retail and brand partners who offer their products exclusively for purchase with EZ8 tokens will have a free subscription to our bidding platform; thus increasing demand for the EZ8 tokens as a cost-effective solution that will replace traditional, time-consuming and costly cash back incentives.

EZeeBUY believes this supply and demand strategy will gain critical mass leveraging the platform network effect as millions of EZeeBUY customers from around the world frequently use their EZeeBUY app for buying desired products while receiving cash back incentives that are backed by EZ8 tokens.

Precision brand advertising will be available to tens of millions of EZeeBUY customers from around the world; creating an unprecedented amount of pre-qualified and desired products from our retail and brand partners, in every country, to offer cash back incentives using their bidding subscription and EZ8 tokens.

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EZeeBUY Experiences is the world’s first precision brand advertising platform driven by artificial intelligence for customers to discover new products inside their EZeeBUY app that match their personality and unique lifestyle

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EZeeBUY Experiences is the world's first family sharing and buying AI platform to place desired products for birthday gifts or special events; empowering relatives and family members to buy with their EZeeBUY app

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Supply and Demand Strategy with EZ8 Token Velocity


EZeeBUY Experiences™

The Next AI Platform Revolution

EZeeBUY Experiences is the world’s first social media and lifestyle platform driven by AI for retailers to deliver convenience and unique buying experiences to their customers in the $27 trillion brick-and-mortar retail industry.

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