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EZeePAY™ AI Digital Wallet
EZeeBUY Experiences introduces the EZeePAY digital wallet driven by artificial intelligence that enables convenient payments with credit cards, debit cards and cryptocurrencies for EZeeBUY purchases; including payment scheduling options with our lending service AI platform.

EZeePAY digital wallet will be the world’s most user-friendly payment solution, eliminating the cumbersome process of setting up payment instruments, connecting to banks, meeting cryptocurrency compliance requirements and other technical issues that prevent digital wallets from becoming mainstream.

Most cryptocurrencies today suffer from high levels of price volatility due to shifting public perception and highly speculative and unregulated markets. This has hindered the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency as a practical payment solution. EZeeBUY has developed a solution to enable everyday payments for desired products purchased with their EZeeBUY app. EZeeBUY Experiences introduces the EZ8 token for the EZeePAY digital wallet to buy desired products with cryptocurrency.

EZeePAY digital wallet and the EZ8 tokens enable EZeeBUY Experiences to make shopping with cryptocurrency as every day as cash and credit cards
creating a cryptocurrency-friendly global marketplace economy with the EZeeBUY app.

EZeeBUY Experiences™

The Next AI Platform Revolution

EZeeBUY Experiences is the world’s first social media and lifestyle platform driven by AI for retailers to deliver convenience and unique buying experiences to their customers in the $27 trillion brick-and-mortar retail industry.

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