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Retail Experience

Now and in the Future

Modern digital shoppers seek a convenient and unique buying experience that is personalized for all desired products.

Today's Retail Experience

A customer visits their favorite retail store to discover new products that match their personality and unique lifestyle.

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Browse for Desired Products

The customer finds a desired product, looks for assistance and notices that all staff are busy helping other customers or checkout lanes are crowded and long.

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Expectations Not Met

The customer leaves the store without purchasing the desired product and the entire bad experience goes unnoticed by the store manager and staff.

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EZeeBUY Experience

for Retail Customers

You visit your favorite retail store and greeted by name by a store ambassador as you browse for desired products that match your personality and unique lifestyle.

EZeeBUY™ for the Modern Digital Shopper™

Conveniently Purchase Desired Products

You take a picture of the desired product with your EZeeBUY app to discover the price, promotional offers and product information; receiving a convenient one-touch buy now experience.

EZeeBUY™ for the Modern Digital Shopper™

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EZeeBUY Experience Exceeds Expectations

When you initiate a purchase inside the store with your EZeeBUY app, EZeeBUY notifies the staff that you will visit the express checkout lane for paid products before leaving the store or a store ambassador is dispatched to assist with your purchase.

EZeeBUY™ for the Modern Digital Shopper™

Desired Product Not Purchased

If you chose not to purchase the desired product inside the store, your favorite retail store can offer additional incentives through your EZeeBUY app, to conveniently purchase from the comfort of your home.

EZeeBUY™ for the Modern Digital Shopper™

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EZeeBUY Experience

Driven by Artificial Intelligence

This is the future of retail shopping for the modern digital shopper, providing a unique and personalized buying experience that is convenient; a competitive advantage for our retail partners.

EZeeBUY™ for the Modern Digital Shopper™


for the Modern Digital Shopper™


EZeeBUY is the next platform revolution for retailers, brands, and consumers to disrupt the $27 trillion retail industry with a social and lifestyle buying platform driven by artificial intelligence. The platform revolution proved enormously successful for Uber and EZeeBUY will do the same for the retail industry.

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